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NEW CLIENT SPECIALS !! $65 Unlimited Yoga (or) Fitness classes for 1 month / $95 Combo Unlimited Yoga & Fitness classes


MindfulScents Corporate Wellness

Specializing in Corporate Wellness

MindfulScents is our unique mobile corporate wellness program. 
We help to Increase productivity, reduce stress, build leadership. and reduce absenteeism at low cost, while providing employees with a healthful, fun experience.  
 We specialize in guided mindful aroma meditation and or yoga sessions that reliably produce an uplifting and calming work-break that reduces tension and the sense of distraction -- optionally enhanced by adding the focusing effects of MindfulScents essential oils.
These sessions are provided in-house, allowing optimum freedom and availability for busy employees.  For more info & booking, contact our Wellness Director Jessica  @ 201-321-4962.


Soul In Motion Boutique

Host a MindfulScents party & receive free merchandise !!

SOUL IN MOTION Boutique offers a variety of items for yoga, lifestyle wear and accessories for everyday living. We are mindful of every item we carry and seek to support local designers. Jewelry lovers will find a beautiful selection of MindfulScent's signature aroma  jewelry and accessories..
Host a MindfulScents party & receive free merchandise !!

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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Special Interest Tours

Experience little known urban curiosities, to rare breathtaking natural events (Solar Eclipses, Northern Lights etc). Special Interest Tours offers a wide range of breathtaking experiences.

MindfulScents Aroma Jewelry

Beautiful & Innovative Aroma Jewelry

MindfulScents Corporate Wellness

In Office Themed Guided Yoga & Meditation Sessions

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